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Mold design and development

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The company has an independent mold factory, with good mold development capabilities and specialized mold design and manufacturing capabilities. The company's main business scope includes precision injection molds for foreign-funded enterprises and specialized automotive molds. Together with the company's injection molding modules, a compact production line of scale for mold processing and injection molding has been established.


In recent years, the mold processing modules of our company have maintained rapid development. While exploring the automotive mold market, we have actively explored the market of precision molds for foreign-funded enterprises and maintained a certain market share. After years of development and accumulation, the company has trained a group of specialized core talents for mold products, with efficient production and quality control capabilities, as well as standardized and systematic management ability.


The company has continuously introduced advanced production equipment and implemented scientific management. It has maintained a reputation with leading technology, high-quality products and thorough after-sales service. The company has established stable cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The company has kept exploring the domestic and foreign market with the base in Jiangsu. We firmly believe that customers are the source of corporate development and will keep seeking cooperation with more domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Common mold materials:
Assab, Sweden: 8407, S136, 718H
Hitachi, Japan: HPM38, SKD61
Daido, Japan: NAK55, NAK80, DC53
Buderus, Germany: 2738
AISI, the United States: P20, H13
Common mold bases and standard parts:
Mold bases: Lung Kee, Chongcun, Heyuan, Futaba, IME
Standard parts: Japan: Misumi, Punch
Taiwan: Zhengang
Hot runner: Liudao, KLN, Husky, Mold-maseter



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Add: Jinhua Road 5 Wujin Economic Development Zone in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province 
Tel: 0519-86553039
Fax: 0519-86556884